Understanding When To Shop for Auto ServiceUnderstanding When To Shop for Auto Service

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Understanding When To Shop for Auto Service

When you have a vehicle, there are a lot of things to keep in mind regarding the proper function of the car. For starters, you should always be on the lookout for issues with the ride, such as a struggling engine or trouble with the way the vehicle handles. However, knowing when to do your own repairs vs. seeking professional help is important too. On this website, you will be able to learn all about how to shop for auto service, and what to do when you think your car has started to struggle. By taking the proper steps now, you could protect your car's value.


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What To Expect During An Oil Change

Is it time to get the oil changed in your vehicle? If so, you may be wondering what will be done by having the oil changed by a professional. Here is what you can expect to happen during a professional oil change. 

Check For Leaks

When the mechanic has your car up on the hoist, they are going to check the level of your vehicle's oil and see if it is low or not. If it is low, they'll try to find out how oil is escaping the system by checking for leaks. They can get a good look underneath your vehicle and figure out what is causing the leak and come up with a plan to fix the vehicle. 

Drain The Oil

An easy part of the car oil change process is draining the oil. Since the oil is going to be too dirty to use again, the mechanic will get rid of it for you as well. They do this by collecting the oil and having it picked up by a service that recycles it. The oil can then be refined and used to make more motor oil or used for other processes that require petroleum. If you are doing your own oil change at home, you may not know what to do with this oil to dispose of it properly. By visiting a professional, you don't have to worry about this problem. 

Replace The Filter

The purpose of an oil filter is to remove all of the impurities in the oil, like metal or dirt, so that it doesn't get into the engine. One the filter becomes too dirty, it is going to be unable to do its job properly. It is recommended to change the oil filter at the same time that you have your oil changed to ensure that your engine runs smoothly. You can even ask the mechanic to see your oil filter and how bad it got since the last time it was replaced. 

Replace The Motor Oil

Replacing the motor oil is not as simple as dumping a container of oil into the right receptacle under your hood. You want to make sure that you are using the right kind of oil for your vehicle so that the oil will not damage the engine. A mechanic can look up this information to verify that they are using the oil with the right viscosity to keep your car running smoothly.